Established in 2005, International School of North America (SNA) has provided a continuous, high-quality education for students in kindergarten through high school level. Starting in the 2018-2019 school year, SNA is transitioning from a curriculum that follows the common core standard of the State of California to that of the International Baccalaureate program (IB). It is estimated that this transition will be completed in the next several academic school years. Also, SNA is striving toward full membership standing in both the Western Association of Schools and Colleges (WASC) and the Council of International Schools (CIS). These institutions are well-known within the international school community as very prestigious accreditation organizations.

The school is guided in its daily instruction and operation by the following school mission:

“SNA prepares students to collaborate and to contribute in a positive and productive manner within the school and with the outside community. SNA provides a student-centered learning environment that emphasizes the key indicators of effective communication, civic responsibility, critical thinking and risk-taking. Through its curriculum, staff and wider-community, SNA aims to inspire and develop its students so they are able to respond to the continuing challenges in our World.”

To this end, SNA high-quality Vietnamese and foreign teachers work to guide the students into mature thinkers and responsible global citizens.

At SNA, we understand that the early years are critical for learning and socialization. Our teachers are especially trained to teach our young learners through playing and working together in a supportive, caring, and loving environment. Pre-K is a time for building moral character and understanding classroom norms. It is also the starting point for developing language ability through an English language immersion approach.
Elementary school is a critical stage of education. It is where students have their first real taste of what a classroom environment is like, and it lays the foundation for a lifelong love of learning. Elementary SNA focuses on the importance of reading and active learning. We have outings and events set up throughout the year that allows the kids to have hands on experiences while learning new things. The curriculum is in accordance with the California Common Core State Standards for English Language Arts and Math; California Next Generation Science Standards for Science and California State Standards for all other subjects. ESNA is the place where young learners get a head start on the challenging educational journey ahead of them.
Middle SNA is an equally special time in the life of our students. Starting with Grade 6, children become more concerned with their status, identity, recognition, and friendships with their peers. In Middle School, students will begin to work on group assignments and learn the benefits of collaboration. They are also challenged to offer their own opinions and work towards discovering their unique voices. Middle School is a preparation time that ensures students are ready for the rigorous work load that begins in High School. These three years are crucial because they mark the young learners’ transition into adulthood, and demand that they develop self-accountability and determination.
Upon graduation, SNA students have the opportunity to receive Vietnamese diplomas along with American diplomas. This special design gives students the option of studying in Vietnam or at a university abroad.

Our American program adheres to US Common Core Standards, and challenges students to keep up with a rigorous college preparatory schedule. We offer Advanced Placement (AP) classes in Mathematics and Science that allow qualifying students to obtain college credits while still in high school. We have a well-rounded staff of qualified and experienced teachers, many of them also possessing tertiary degrees in their subject areas.

The SNA Vietnamese program follows the Ministry of Education and Training Standards of Vietnam. By continuing to study in the Vietnamese Program, students have the opportunity to take math and science courses that may offer greater challenges than their American counterparts. It also helps them to retain their traditions and have respect for their culture. Most students that study in international schools do not have the opportunity to attend Vietnamese universities, but by obtaining the MOET diploma at SNA, they are guaranteed an opportunity to do so.

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