Dear Parents,

Welcome to 2018-2019 school year at SNA. My name is Caroline Fogiel and I am the new Head of Elementary and the PYP coordinator. As you know, SNA is a IB candidate school for PYP and we have two years to prepare for the full implementation of the IBPYP. What that means is that gradually the pedagogy will evolve, empowering our students to be inquirers and lifelong learners. The focus is no longer only on Literacy and Numeracy but also on the habits of the mind through investigation and collaboration.

SNA going Green! One of the Transdisciplinary theme of the PYP is “Sharing our planet” to emphasize in our students the need to protect the environment. To that end, SNA will gradually reduce the supply of plastic glasses and straws until December 2018. By January 2019, there will be no plastic cups available at the school. An IB school is a community and we need your support to encourage our students to become later responsible adults by avoiding polluting our planet.

I will be sharing with you regular updates on this page and also through my weekly messages to Elementary parents.

Come and speak with me, my door is always open.

Caroline Fogiel
Vice principal of PYP program of SNA