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IB Programme PYP

International Schools of North America is a candidate school* for the International Baccalaureate (IB) Primary Years Programme

Our Mission

The Primary Years Programme is a curriculum framework applied over 5,000 schools around the world. It is a broad and balanced framework to enhance learning in the critical early years of cognitive development. It puts the student’s learning needs at the heart of the whole school community. Accordingly, teaching and learning revolve around developing the IB learner profile, encompassing comprehensive knowledge, critical thinking and international mindedness.

Students tackle global and regional issues from an early stage so that they can become the global citizens of tomorrow. Additionally, inquiry-based learning enables students to experience authentic, relevant and challenging content. Especially, 21st century skills are enhanced through the whole programme, developing communication, self-management and collaborative skills in our students to prepare them for the challenges of our globalized world.

Vision Mission 1
Vision Mission 1


Each year of the programme puts some emphasis on our planet through the Sharing the Planet Unit of inquiry, bringing new ways to encourage our students to take better care of our universal home.

Besides, the PYP promotes multilingualism and a strong knowledge of the host country ‘s culture. This is why at SNA, the Vietnamese curriculum is the basis of our programme. Vietnamese language and Social studies are taught in Vietnamese following the PYP pedagogy to ensure coherence in students schooling.

Especially, the PYP puts a lot of emphasis on monitoring and documenting student’s learning. It follows strict learning objectives with a guaranteed curriculum within each grade level. There are no exams mandated by the programme as they do not represent a clear representation of student’s achievements. Only the triangulation of data constitutes an accurate representation of the student’s progress.

Overview – IB Primary Years Programme



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