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Our Facilities – Bien Hoa Campus

A Truly Inspirational, Friendly And
Safe Learning Environment

With a total area of nearly 30,000m2, utilizing moving cube architecture SNA Bien Hoa Campus is the perfect combination for the application of green space and open learning space while expressing a desire to reach the sky of knowledge.
Kiến trúc không gian mở
Hội trường kiến trúc nhà hát 800 chỗ ngồi
SNA Bien Hoa Campus provides the best facilities to optimize teaching and learning performance with specialized areas such as:

  • Theater style hall room with modern equipment, sound and light system that can accommodate 800 students;
  • The library area with 2-story space structure creates an open space for research, reading, academic exchanges between students, or between students and teachers;
  • Natural light enhanced classrooms;
  • Fully-equipped laboratory, functional room with modern equipment to meet the experimentation and research needs of students’.
Physical education & fitness improvement for students is one of the top priority activities at SNA Bien Hoa Campus with diverse sports practice areas. Specifically, these areas include:

  • Multi-purpose stadium
  • Basketball court;
  • Badminton yard;
  • GYM room with modern equipment;
  • 5-lane swimming pool;
Không gian rèn luyện thế thao SNA Biên Hòa
Không gian nội trú SNA Biên Hòa
In terms of boarding space, SNA Bien Hoa Campus has a 9-story functional area called Sulina Dorm with 450 boarding beds, ensuring each student will have their own private and comfortable living space.
In addition, SNA Bien Hoa Campus also has auxiliary areas such as a common room, parent boarding room, and housing areas with 136 beds for foreign lecturers and specialists.
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