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Our Programs – Bien Hoa Campus

A Solid Education Foundation for Future Leaders

The establishment of School of North America, Bien Hoa Campus Campus in Biên Hoa, is the next step in Nguyen Hoang Education Group (NHG) mission of connecting the unique educational values of SNA through 15 years worth of teaching and development, allowing students in Bien Hoa to learn, experience, and achieve their fullest potential.
Chương trình giúp học sinh hòa nhập với môi trường quốc tế
Các em học sinh được phát triển một cách trọn vẹn nhất
SNA Bien Hoa Campus cooperates with Bien Hoa Campus Preparatory School (MPS) in developing a quality curriculum to create a generation of future leaders with an eagerness for learning, loving, sharing, and becoming a responsible global citizen.
The educational program at SNA Bien Hoa Campus also focuses on developing soft skills for students to help them easily and quickly integrate into the international environment when transitioning to the US or other the world’s leading education.
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