What is Associated Student Body?

ASB stands for Associated Student Body. ASB is the group of students that is selected and to represent the entire student body of the School of North America. This is the student government of SNA. Throughout the years, SNA has recruited and helped develop creative, dedicated, and responsible ASB officers.

What does ASB do?

ASB is responsible for three main objectives:
Planning and Providing student activities.
Managing the finances of the student groups and School store.
Representing the voice of School of North America students to staff, school district, and community.
To actively encourage and vigorously support individual and collective involvement of the Student Body in Extra Curricular Activities.
To actively seek and diligently represent the opinions, ideas, and concerns of the Student Body.
To establish and maintain positive working relationships with the Administration, Faculty, Parents, the Community at large and other Schools in and out of the district on behalf of the students we represent.
To provide support for and to coordinate the efforts of the Clubs and Organizations duly constituted at this school.

What does it take to be on ASB?

ASB members must be leaders. The qualities of a good leader include honesty, trustworthiness, responsibility, reliability, willingness to work hard, humility, respect for both adults and fellow students, and school pride. You must have at least a 2.5 GPA, be in good academic standing, and maintain high academic and personal standards, both on and off campus. Additionally, you must be able to balance the work you have in your Vietnamese and American program classes by maintaining a high average.

How does someone get on ASB?

Those looking to be part of ASB must sign up the first week of school. They must be in grade 7-12. They will then be put through a selection process. Only the most capable students will be selected to be in ASB. Those who do not make it in, have the opportunity to improve their grades the first half of the year and enter in the second half. Class Officers: This will remain as they are for returning members. Class officers will be based on the students interested and determined by the class and Teacher. Votes will be conducted in class for the following positions President, Vice-President, and Secretary, and Treasurer. These officers will have to fulfill their individual roles as well as the roles designated to everyone else. Others will be selected as commissioners. Other positions: Commissioners specialize in areas including School store, technology, rallies, publicity, etc. All members of the student government support each other in their work and are expected to help each other in the preparation, setup, and clean-up of all activities. Every member of ASB will have a role and responsibility. Every member of ASB will be expected to work as a team to reach a single goal.

Remaining Questions?

If you know someone who is interested in joining ASB please refer them to the instructor. To find out about ASB’s roles and functions, getting into ASB, or getting involved at SNA, ask someone who is in ASB or ask Mr. Thousand. Feel free to come by the Teacher office during or after school to see how we function as well. Use your members as information devices.

Behavior Expectations

As a member of ASB, it is expected that you act as a role model and leader at all times. You represent SNA. As a result, your actions impact and directly influence how the school and community perceive our student body. To ensure responsible representation by all Student Council members, expectations and consequences have been established. Failure to comply with and/or successfully complete all of the above mentioned expectations will result in one or more of the following consequences: a warning, a teacher-pupil conference, parental involvement, administrative involvement, probation, and/or removal from office. By signing below, you (the council member) agree that you have read and understand both SNA’s and Mr. Thousand’s expectations. Furthermore, you agree that you are both willing and able to give your personal best in order to achieve them. -ASB Teacher Representative Mr. Thousand