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Admissions Procedure - PYP

The IB Primary Years Programme (PYP)

SNA uses Open Apply, an online portal which allows us to streamline all inquiries, assessment, and applications efficiently. There are 6 steps in our admission process

Step 1: Inquiry form

In order for SNA to remain committed to providing high-quality educational service to our students, we recommend that parents begin the admission process with the inquiry form to determine if the applicant is eligible to apply to a particular grade level.

Parents are encouraged to send questions regarding support services, space availability, tuition fees or others to our admission officer. Upon receiving your questions, our admission team gets in touch with the applicant in one or two working days.

Step 2: Application form

Fill out the application form and submit all the required documents including the student’s confidential report from the former school. Required documents to be uploaded are as follows:

  • Official or notarized copies of transcript/Academic records of all previous schools attended within the last 3 years.
    • Must contain sufficient grade information for performance and placement evaluation.
  • Student’s confidential report filled in by the former school teachers and principal for grades 8-12
  • Autobiographical Information
  • Up-to-date immunization records
  • Copies of Birth Certificate
  • If your child is currently receiving Special Education Services and/or has a current IEP-Individualized Education Plan:
    • The most current documents must be provided at the time of enrollment.
    • Required medical check-up performed by the school medical specialists to be done before attendance
  • If the student is not a native to Vietnam:
    • 2 copies of their passport
Step 3: Application Fee

The application fee is 4,500,000 for students enrolling Kindergarten and 5,600,000 for students enrolling Grade 1 to Grade 12 which is a one-time non-refundable fee payable through Open Apply. This fee includes all administrative costs such as admission and placement and entrance examination charges.

Step 4: Meeting with the Head of School or meeting with the academic and career counselor for DP applicants.

At SNA we strongly believe that parents perspectives toward educational beliefs and values have a central part in our daily performance, therefore, an initial parent and head of school meeting at the time of admission is considered as a school-wide requirement.

Step 5: SNA Entrance Examination

Upon the head of the school’s approval, the student is given a time for an interview with the counseling team and entrance examination period. Examination structure for different grade levels are as follows:

Grade Level Type Content Duration Administrator
KG to Grade 3 Interview Question about the student’s hobbies, interests, siblings, etc.   10 Minutes   Child support experts  
3 -5  

1- Interview 

2- English written examination  

3- Two math questions in English  

- Questions about the student’s hobbies, interests, siblings, etc. 

- Writing a paragraph on a topic given  

- two grade level math word problems  

60 Minutes  

Child support experts   

English department admins admission officer 

Step 6: Final Registration Status Notification

Admitted status

Once the student has been accepted into SNA, an offer of placement and enrollment terms and conditions, signed by the Principal, will be sent to the parents through Open Apply.

Pending Status

When seats are limited, students may be placed on a waiting list. Please note: A place on the waiting list does not guarantee enrollment. The length of time on the waiting list will vary depending on the number of places available. Please be reminded of the fact that our elementary registration period is March 1st to June, 15th.

Rejected status

The student has not met the necessary requirements to which it is anticipated that he/she would have been a successful student at SNA and, as such, will not be enrolled in SNA. This decision will be provided to the parent, in a timely manner, by the admissions officer. If requested by the parent, the reason for not enrolling the student will be provided in writing to the parents. If in the future, the parent believes that the student can meet the necessary requirements to be a successful student at SNA an additional application can be filed and considered by the school pedagogical team.

Enrollment of Students with Special Learning Needs

As stated clearly in our educational philosophy, we strive to empower our students with the skills, values, and knowledge that enable them to believe in their capacity to lead, walk their own path, and remember how it feels to learn, discover, and experience.

To serve that purpose, we are committed to making sure that at SNA we provide that opportunity for all those who are willing to join our community as long as we are able to cater to their needs.

Our current status in terms of support students with special needs is in a developing stage meaning that we have been trying to increase the likelihood that students with special learning needs in our school will make progress and grow in confidence in their own abilities.

The level of support and its procedure are elaborated in detail in our SEN (Special Educational Needs) policy.

Once a Special Needs student is admitted

Learning Support will work alongside the administration and the student’s teacher to create an action plan regarding the students individual academic, socio-emotional, and physical needs. Accommodation and support will be decided for in class and during their enrollment at SNA.

SNA Policies

The International Schools of North America’s Admissions Policy works in conjunction with four other policies: Academic Honesty, Assessment, Inclusive Education Policy, and Language. These policies establish the foundational beliefs and guidelines for SNA. Please refer to these policies for further information regarding any of the above stated subjects.


Administration Office Contact Information:  

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