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Extracurricular Activities

In keeping with SNA’s philosophy of providing a well-rounded education, the extensive Extra-Curricular Activities programme enables students to participate in activities outside the academic arena. This gives students a terrific opportunity to try something new.

SNA encourages all students to push beyond their limits through the Extra-Curricular Activities (ECAs) programme, which offers many activities such as sports, music, art, technology, language, and social.

The diversity of activities encourages students to excel by challenging themselves and growing both as individuals and as a part of a whole. This affirmative approach motivates them to see failure as something not to be avoided, but rather to be used as a learning experience.

Students have the opportunity to participate in Extra – Curricular Activity (ECAs) sessions that are held at the end of their school day. The programme includes a range of music, art, and sporting activities.



What ECAs Are Offered at SNA?

Students may select from a range of activities based on the time of year, and their ages, schedules, and interests. SNA structures the ECA programme in two sessions:

Session 1:September to December

Session 2: January to May

This approach enables students to experiment with different activities and discover new abilities and interests. Prior to each session, the ECAs department will inform a full list of available activities such as Golf, Badminton, Swimming, Popping Club, Aerobics, Soccer Club, Roller Skate, Basketball, Taekwondo, Aikido, Defense skill, Chess, Piano, Ukulele, Vocal Training, MC…

Sign up information

Students are given a registration form by head teacher and sign up is limited to a maximum of 3 ECAs

ECAs Alterations

Students are not allowed to make changes or drop out after 2 weeks of the ECA Session.


“Music is a language that doesn’t speak in particular words it speaks in emotion” – Keith Richards. We believe that Music is essential component of human life. SNA is a school with a diverse student body from different cultural backgrounds so Music can become the language of all students to express their thoughts. With music, they can communicate and growth and develop themselves across cultural borders.


Are you a thinker that loves games? Chess club is for you! While playing, club members are always developing thinking skills and strengthening mental prowess. The game helps individuals think rationally, develop patience and increase cognitive skills! Chess also helps players think before acting, which is a strong skill for any leader to develop. While developing a team spirit, by being a member of the club, player’s also learn the importance and ability of an individual.

Dance Club

“Dance is the hidden language of the soul.” – Martha Graham

Dance club may just seem like dancing, but there is so much more to the club and what can be learned. It improves more than your flexibility and builds more than your strength. Some of the skills picked up are teamwork, self-confidence, determination, precision, and talent. Also, it’s FUN! Dance class allows you to express yourself. It’s a great stress reliever too! In dance class, you make new friends, learn from mistakes and gain the confidence to achieve anything you want!


Soccer, or football, is one of the most popular sports played, watched and celebrated around the world. Through soccer, our young leaders learn to work together as a team and always do their best. Soccer is competitive but also teaches the fundamental values of fair play. It is great exercise and promotes diversity and global citizenry. A game that dates back over 2000 years, and proven to have its merits, there is no question as to why it is one of SNA’s most popular clubs! Let’s keep the ball rolling!

Basketball Club

Basketball is a valuable tool, not only in school, but for the rest of each player’s life. The sport teaches a variety of skills that are not necessarily developed in the classroom. It teaches you to be a good team player and is a great social sport. Also, it is a fantastic full body workout! After a long day in the classroom, there is no better way to deal with stress! So, let’s dribble, pass and slam dunk into the new year!

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