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Location SNA’s Him Lam Campus is located at No. 20 Street, Him Lam, Nam Sai Gon, District Binh Chanh, HCMC with a total area of 10,000m2 with 100 rooms including 73 classrooms and 17 function rooms. It is situated about 15 minute s’ drive from the city centre, closing to District 7 – newly developed, tree-lined Phu My Hung area.

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    District 1 Center Business District

SNA’s campus is very new, having been completed in 2017 and is located in District 7, a thriving and modern area of Ho Chi Minh city. The campus boasts dedicated IT suites, art rooms, science labs, a STEM room (Science Technology Engineering and Mathematics), gymnasium, a football field and a covered swimming pool among our many facilities and learning spaces.



The infirmary of 120m;in total area is spacious enough to meet the standard of a Vietnamese medium-sized medical clinic whereby the students are allowed access to top health care services rendered by two of our most dedicated in-house doctors who are on duty 24/7. Our doctors also help guide our students to a healthy lifestyle, to keep them healthy and strong for the year ahead.


Virtual Golf Rooms

Playing golf at SNA is more than a “par for the course” experience, we do better than that. We take our golf seriously enough to build 2 states of the art rooms for play come rain or shine. Our High School students get to perfect their games in an area 56m


Art Rooms

Our school is committed to the Arts. Therefore, we proudly house two modern Art Rooms which are designed to provide the students a place where they can develop their self-confidence and express themselves. They learn to use a variety of materials and through technology they learn theory of Art as well. Here they can explore their inner Picasso or be an original.


Soccer Field

The soccer field of an area of 1050m;is fitted with artificial grass and allowing students to practice and play every day. In addition, the field is equipped with mini soccer field lighting, allowing students to exercise comfortably at night. This gives them a real soccer field experience. There they can imagine becoming a Ronaldo or Messi for the future.



Canteen is designed to offer our students a wonderful dining experience. The facility is constructed to cater to our students, so they can enjoy their daily meals in a comfortable and convenient atmosphere.  SNA provides food preparation which is safe and sanitary - without compromising quality or nutritional value. The cafeteria manager supervises and maintains clean and healthy food storage, preparation, and complies with the appropriate sanitation and health standards mandated by the Vietnamese Food and Drug Administration.  Continued improvements in the menu offerings for students is underway for the new school year.


Multi-Purpose Gymnasium/ Auditorium

A state-of-the-art Multiple-Purpose Gymnasium/ Auditorium will enhance student’s recreational and sports experience by providing a platform to support our school’s extraurricular programs as well as provide an accommodating venue for the school multiple-purpose programs and functions such as school assemblies, events and meetings. An integrated professional light and sound system makes it perfect for the performing arts. With an area of 690m, the facility is able to house 1,000 people and is designed to accommodate all sports.


Swimming Pool

Swimming is among the top three most healthful exercises. It is a great way to stimulate the brain. For this reason, our 302m newly designed fresh-water swimming pool offers a unique experience to our students. It creates a fun and relaxing space for our students to spend time together.



The SNA state-of-the-art library offers students the opportunity to pursue their literary interests beyond the classroom environment. The elementary and secondary librarian house volumes in a variety of genres so as to appeal to the interests and desires of a diverse student body. Books with varied degrees of difficulty allow students to choose ability-appropriate material. The library contains reference materials as well as selections in fiction, nonfiction, biography, autobiography, and poetry. Students can use the libraries as a resource for the writing of assigned research papers or for independent reading at their leisure


Computer Laboratory

The Him Lam Campus has two new and spacious Computer Labs. One for Elementary students with 25 computers and one for Middle/High school students with 30 computers. The Computer Lab provides a safe, positive, and fun environment for all high school students to learn computer skills that enrich and prepare them for the challenges in the university subjects. Computer Literacy and Computer Science classes often meet in the Computer Lab for instruction during class hours. Each computer has a high-speed processor and is connected to the Internet via a high-speed line. In addition, the school is outfitted with wireless Internet access throughout. The computer labs will also be used to deliver components of our Design classes in the middle years.


Chemistry and Biology Laboratory

The Chemistry and Biology Laboratory are situated adjacent to the Physics Laboratory. This separate facility is designed to meet the needs unique to experimentation in the realm of chemical and biological application and investigation. Practical research and experimentation in chemistry and biology afford students the opportunity to apply theoretical concepts they have learned. SNA believes students learn best by doing. The Chemistry and Biology Laboratory builds on this concept by making the students the focus of their education; by putting the students in the spotlight and letting them take charge of the learning experience. The laboratory is modeled on the International Baccalaureate paradigm and meets all requirements for material and appropriate safety standards.


Physics Laboratory

The Physics Laboratory is designed to meet the specific needs of practical hands-on experimentation and investigation into concepts in modern applied physics. Students are provided with all the requisite laboratory materials to carry out experiments and thus make the transition from theoretical concepts to practical applications. The lab instructor is present to demonstrate, but the students themselves are the “amateur scientists” drawing conclusions from their own research. The laboratory is modeled on the International Baccalaureate paradigm (SNA is an IB authorized school)  and meets all requirements for material and appropriate safety standards.


Music room

In recognizing the essential role of holistic development of our students, SNA places a great emphasis on performing arts and music in order for our students to reach their full potentials. To show our commitment to the development of our student’s well- roundedness, we have recruited music instructors who are qualified graduates of recognized university music programs throughout the city. In addition, our three fully equipped music rooms (piano & organ, guitar, and drum) are designed to create a venue where students learn music theory and are given the opportunity to express their inner selves. Music appreciation and music theory have been shown to help organize minds and liberate souls. Students may work toward participating in orchestral performances at special school functions.

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