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Our Facilities – SNA Marianapolis

A Truly Inspirational Environment, Friendly
And Safe Learning Environment

The SNA Marianapolis International School (SNA MInt.) – Bien Hoa Campus is designed with open space and collaboration in mind. Extensive green space allows the learning environment to extend beyond the walls of a standard classroom. The campus plan has been informed and equipped using the international standards for top-tier boarding school resources.

A total space of nearly 30,000m2, the buildings include moving cube architecture, expressing the desire to reach the highest levels of knowledge. Ultimately, the design aesthetic fosters a friendly, safe, motivational learning environment for students and adults alike.
Kiến trúc không gian mở
Hội trường kiến trúc nhà hát 800 chỗ ngồi
SNA MInt. is committed to providing exceptional facilities to optimize growth and outcomes, with focused areas including:

  • A community hall with full sound and light capabilities, arranged in theater style; this space accommodates 800 seats;
  • A two-story library with open space for research, reading, and academic exchange;
  • Classrooms enhanced with natural light, equipped with state-of-the-art technology to enhance multi-modal learning;
  • Laboratory spaces with enhanced equipment to meet the needs of all experimentation and research.
Fostering education outside of the classroom means including athletics and fitness in the school’s curricular approach. To maximize student growth and character development, emphasis is placed on teamwork, leadership, and sportsmanship. The facilities for training and fitness include:

  • Multi-purpose stadium with basketball court;
  • Badminton yard;
  • 5-lane covered swimming pool;
  • FIFA standard football field;
  • 100m running track;
Không gian rèn luyện thế thao SNA Biên Hòa
Không gian nội trú SNA Biên Hòa
Contemporary residential hall built to international standards. The school has a 9-story residential hall. Sulina Dorm provides 450 beds and has been developed to ensure each boarding student will have a private and comfortable living space. In addition, the school has auxiliary areas (including, but not limited to, common rooms, parent boarding rooms, etc.). The inclusion of these gathering spaces allows the residential participants to feel a part of a community as they live and learn away from home. The specialist house area has 136 beds for SNA MInt. instructors and administrators.
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