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Hi! My name is Krysta Sullivan and I am a PYP classroom teacher here at SNA. I have taught 1st grade for 2 years and will be teaching 3rd grade this coming year. In my time here I have made many memories, gained experiences, and have been presented with multiple opportunities to grow professionally and personally. Between professional developments made available in and out of school and collaborating with other staff in problem solving and the building of our IB curriculum, SNA has become a place of work that both challenges me and supports me in my growth. I have been able to explore a range of teaching techniques such as flexible seating and MakerSpace with the resources made available and the support SNA administration and staff as well as had opportunities to share my own ideas and knowledge with other teachers through our in school professional developments. Though I am a primary teacher, I have collaborated with students and teachers of all grade levels. We have built a community within SNA and are continuing to build it through our whole school activities such as our festivals, cultural events, and teacher and students sports days, and starting this year our House System which was another new concept presented by the teachers that SNA was happily ready to accept as a way to create an inclusive school environment. Leadership roles in these events are constantly available for student and staff to further develop themselves and build connections with each other. We have been able to achieve the concept from our parent company NHG of "One team One dream" at SNA as we all learn and grow together as we work towards our goals and dreams.

Krysta Sullivan – Primary Years Programme Teacher

I have collaborated and worked at SNA for two years.  In recent years, I have found that SNA is a potential educational environment, containing many positive values   for the development of my teaching capacity.  SNA has helped me to have good colleagues, good friends and especially active and eager students.  This makes me feel that SNA is like a family and every day going to school gives me a lot of emotions.

Lê Thanh Duy – Vietnamese Literature Teacher
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