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SNA Alumni

“Once a SNAer, always a SNAer! We are so glad you are keeping in touch with SNA!”

Alumni’s Voice


It has been almost three years since I graduated SNA. Time flies. This year, I have entered the second semester of my junior year. My name is Hara Kuh, a student of the class of 2016. I feel a little weird, but honorable to send this letter to my alma mater, today. Recalling my life in high school, I realize more, day by day, how blessed and encouraged I was by so many teachers and friends. I still know not how to repay my debt of gratitude to all my teachers, whose lessons motivated me to find enjoyment in those subjects until now. Most memorably, I was blessed to have Ms. Jennifer as my teacher, who was beside and helped me in so many ways since I was in grade eight until my graduation. Moreover, thanks to Mr. Philip for inspiring me to take English Language and Literature as my second major, along with my first major, International Studies. Life on campus is full of hustle and bustle, full of excitement, and solitude that occasionally follows along. I gained more independence as well as decision-making skills after entering my university. All the encouragement, as well as the love that I received in SNA, acted as a cornerstone for me to thrive through the difficulties I experienced.

Kuh Hara – Class of 2016

Individual behavior is not shaped by the family, but it forms where you call the school. The time that we spent at school not only focus on learning, and filling our minds with knowledge, but also time spend forming our character, obtaining various attitudes and imbibing basic principles of life. The basic traits of our personality are formed during our school days. To be honest, School of North America (SNA) successfully offered students a good academic program, as well as helpful activities to develop our skill such as critical thinking, responsibility and become a good leader.

Even though I only studied for one year at SNA but it gave me a bunch of unforgettable moment (friendship, events, etc…) I transferred to SNA when I was in 11th grade. A boy from a small town, SNA impressed me with the warm greetings of staff and I still remember Ms. Nu (a Geography teacher) and Mrs. Minh (a Physics teacher). At SNA, I found GUIDANCE, FRIENDSHIP, DISCIPLINE, and LOVE. Individual staff and teachers describe in one word “professional ethics.” Yes, that is true, I have witnessed a lot of images that teachers devoted to disabilities student. All teachers and staff not only do their duties, but they are also seen as a friend, a family member, they always listen, share, and help you whenever you need. (Love you so much Ms. Yen, Ms. Thanh, and Ms. Nu, thank you for supporting me and gave me lots of good experiences.) Talk about the dormitory, the accommodation is really comfortable which the furniture and tools are fully equipped for students. At SNA, they also have a guardian in each room to take care of everything for the individual student such as clothes, meals, etc… (Thank you Mr. Sau and Mrs. An who were tasked with taking care of me for a year.)  Save the best for last, being a SNA student, I was developed by 5 factors Effective Communicators, Collaborative Workers, Critical Thinkers, Life-long Learners, and Responsible Global Citizens Through its curriculum and learning environment, SNA wants to inspire and shaping students to ably face the challenges that are happening in the world around them. Overall, I would like to say thank you to all the teachers and staff who were helping and supporting me. Without it, there would not be me.

Trung Hau Nguyen – Jason Class of 2017

I am Thao Nguyen. I am a 2016 SNA graduate, and I am currently a student at Orange Coast College (OCC), USA. I am writing this letter to share some of my appreciations for SNA. I feel grateful for what SNA had contributed to me in education and leadership which prepared me to be successful in college and life. After graduating from SNA, I got to Orange Coast College which is the second largest community college in California. Besides being a full-time student trying to achieve a high GPA to transfer, I was a secretary of Advocacy Committee which is a group of student leaders who seek to protect the college’s interest as it relates to education policy, financial aid, and other legislative issues. I was elected by the students of OCC of 24,000 student to be the secretary of the Student Senate which is the legislative branch of the Student Government of Orange Coast College (SGOCC) and is responsible for writing and passing resolutions, student government policies, and approving financial allocations of $1.5 million budget to OCC clubs and programs. I also a board member of some clubs such as VP of International Student Fellowship, VP of Vietnamese Students Association, and financial director for an Accounting Society. Every year I received the scholarships and Leadership Award from my college. This is going to be my last semester at OCC, and I will transfer to one of the University of California in the Fall semester 2019.

Being a student and president of SNA’s Associated Student Body inspired me to be a good leader, good citizen, and have a good performance in academics. Therefore, after graduating from SNA and attending college, I felt that I have a good preparation to continue my journey to be successful in college and get involved in campus. I was lucky and proud to have the opportunity to study at SNA and be in the environment because SNA’s ASB, students, and faculties prepared and inspired me to learn, to improve, to maximize myself, and to be a better person

Thao Nguyen _ Class of 2016
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