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SNA’s Parent

SNA’s Parent


Right on the first day entering into the International Schools of North America (2010) to the present - (2020), all of the students have started to experience their prime time which is full of beautiful and innocent memories with the school.

Twelve years of devoting Minh Ngoc's efforts to study, she has become completely different up to now, since she was a shy and passive child: she is very active, open-minded, frank, and responsible to herself and her family. In the events of the years, Ngoc always comes up with great new ideas that are useful for bringing peace, joy, and happiness for her own family and the society. From now on, all precious memories, broad-minded knowledge, and life skills learned from Teachers will forever stay in their minds to continue preparing for a new turning point to make the future dream come true.

The maturity of forming personality, morality, steadfast knowledge of children today is considered as a gift for Grandparents, Parents, and Teachers to repay as little reward for all the great people.

We would like to express our deep gratitude to our grandparents, all the members of my family, and teachers, all the employees of SNA. Always take care of the students in the best ways. Best wishes to everyone!

Mrs Le Kim Hanh – Parent of Minnie Ngo Le Minh Ngoc – Class 12a2

After a year of studying at SNA, I have seen great improvements in my child as she has became more independent and more open to communicate. Even I was surprised as to how much she has changed in just 2 semester studying at SNA. From a shy, less open-minded 7 grader to a determined girl that would express her desire to study abroad. Her critical thinking and independence have improved drastically.

MC Thuy Hanh – Parent of Ann Le Gia An và Hannah Le Gia Han

I am the parent of Dennis Nguyen Tien Phat Dat, currently in grade 5A1. After 2 years of co-operation with SNA, teachers and supervisors have helped Dennis in his education and training at school. I would like to express my deep gratitude to all the teachers and staff of SNA who made SNA as a second home for my child, where the parents can safely send their children to. The school assures that the children are raised in a healthy and happy environment, they are confident in both intellectual and soft skills. We hope that SNA will always maintain its vision and mission on the path of education of bringing children to become useful global citizens. Thanks again to all 5A1 teachers.

Parent of Nguyen Tien Phat Dat – 5A1

SNA becomes the second home for my son, a special needs student with difficulties in communication and study. For over four years studying at SNA, we feel lucky to see our son integrating in a humane environment where teachers and friends always support him each day. Every morning, teachers gladly welcome my son and all the other students in front of the school gate. It seems that teachers remember all of students’ names from a kindergarten to a twelfth grader. Homeroom teachers and special education teachers always devotedly support my son. His classmates are very friendly too. I still keep little lovely cards that his classmates made it by themselves and gave him on his eighth birthday. They understand my son’s hobbies so they drew what he likes, attached with innocent wishes.

Thanks to all teachers and staff assistance, meaningful clubs have been opening which provide opportunities for students like our son can practice social skills and life skills as well.  SNA also connects with Special Olympics Organization that hold wonderful events for students.  On World Autism Awareness Day, I busted into tears while attending one school event that the whole school show unification and sharing for special needs students.  Parents, teachers and friends also have a memorable Olympic Sport Day together where students are encouraged, relayed and brighten.

I believe that all of students, despite of the differences, all will grow up and become compassionated people with happiness which is gained in our childhood with SNA school.

Parent of Ben Đang Hoang Bao
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