As 1 of only 6 IB Continuum Schools in Vietnam, The International School of North America (SNA) is always proud to be the school that meets the strict requirements of the IB organization. In order to facilitate parents to learn about the outstanding academic benefits that the IB programme offers, SNA continues to organize another Open Day seminar - A SOLID FOUNDATION FOR A GLOBALIZED FUTURE on Saturday, 23 July 2022.

A super scholarship of VND 80,000,000 for new parents and students this academic year is offered on the occasion of International Schools of North America (SNA) becoming an IB Continuum School!

Primary students at SNA not only study well but also participate in co-curricular activities very enthusiastically, fostering their talents from a young age, to build a solid foundation for them to develop comprehensively in the future.To see how talented they can be, let's listen to the musical performance of Grade 5 students in the recent closing ceremony of SNA!

As you may be aware, SNA has recently received notification that we are now officially an authorized PYP school! Therefore, the School Leadership Team organized a mini gathering with all PYP teachers and staff to celebrate this remarkable milestone for the whole community.

The Primary Years Programme (PYP) Exhibition is a celebration of the knowledge, skills, and attributes that Grade 5 students have developed throughout PYP. Students engage in collaboration, transdisciplinary inquiry process in identifying, investigating, and offering solutions to real-life issues or problems.

Let Your Children Grow", you will immediately receive many exclusive gifts of the SNA School System, including Airpod earphones, Instax cameras, and more! Famous & trusted guest speakers, unique educational themes, interesting game booths, and now with a variety of promotion and exclusive gifts, this Tour The School event has become more exquisite than ever.

On Monday 25 April, the SNA School System was honored to welcome the Minister of Education & Training and other delegates to our South Saigon Campus. Join us in learning about the SNA School System and Nguyen Hoang Group from the press’s point of view.

The Board of Directors of SNA System and representatives of Nguyen Hoang Group (NHG) had the honor of welcoming Minister Nguyen Kim Son, Deputy Minister Ngo Thi Minh, and delegates from the Ministry of Education and Training to the SNA South Saigon Campus this morning (April 25th).

In addition to the seminar with the topic "Let Your Children Grow" led by Dr. To Nhi A - a reputable speaker within the parenting community; parents and students when attending the upcoming event on May 15th, will also have a chance to receive the following enrollment incentives...

On Thursday 21 April, SNA South Saigon Campus was thrilled to welcome students of Saigon Academy International School (SGA) – another member school within Nguyen Hoang Group – to take a tour of our humble home.

On the upcoming Tour The School event on May 15th, 2022, parents shall have the opportunity to attend the special seminar “Let Your Children Grow”, presented by Ms. To Nhi A – a very reputable educational expert that is passionate about helping everyone navigate through their parenthood.