10 Benefits of the IB MYP Programme

Established in 2005, International Schools of North American (SNA) is proud to be one of 17 schools in Vietnam authorized to teach the globally recognized International Baccalaureate Diploma Program (IBDP). In addition, we also received the authorization for the Middle Years Program (MYP) recently.
The MYP curriculum is designed with the goal of cultivating motivated, international-minded and visionary learners who empathize with others whilst pursuing a life of purpose and meaning.
Reasons why parents should choose the IB MYP at SNA;
Become a lifelong learner;
Learn by doing and experiencing;
The MYP encourages critical thinking;
Explore global challenges;
Learn for understanding;
Learn soft skills;
Subjects are not taught in isolation;
It empowers you to develop talents;
It prepares you for future education;
It encourages international-mindedness.

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