Hello SNA-ers! Christmas is coming very soon. We know that this year’s Christmas will not be as enjoyable as previous ones. So, we did our best to plan and organize exciting activities for you guys.
Jeopardy event is organized to give you guys opportunities to show off your talents, bravery, and rich imagination. Coming to this activity, you can freely express your personality, furthermore, have chances to communicate and interact with your friends enjoyably.
You are required to sign up for this game with a group of 5 members including you. During the game, your group will have chances to choose any box from easy to difficult level based on how many scores are there in that box.
When the game ends, the group with the highest score will be the winner of the game. The organizer will then ask winning teams for their addresses in order to deliver gifts to their home.
PLACE: via Zoom (before the event, the organizer will send a joining link to all participants)
TIME OF EVENT: at 2 PM, Friday, December 17, 2021
Below is the sign-up link for (secondary students):
Below is the sign-up link for (primary students):
TIME FOR SIGN UP: from 14/12 to 16/12
If you have any questions about this activity, you can contact:

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