The International Schools of North America (SNA) would like to congratulate Na Ji Seong – a student of class 12A1 who has been successfully accepted into numerous prestigious universities:
⭐ University of Melbourne – Top #3 Best Universities in Australia
⭐ Monash University – Top #40 in Best Global Universities
⭐ University of Queensland
⭐ University of Birmingham
⭐ University of Warwick
⭐ Durham University
⭐ National University of Singapore
⭐ Nanyang Technological University
A few words from Na Ji Seong:
“When I first came into the school, I wasn’t good at English. Therefore I found it so hard to understand the lectures. However, with lots of help from teachers and staff, I have improved my English skills and now completed my IB diploma. I’m so delighted to announce that SNA has now received the authorization of PYP and now become an IB Continuum School – 1 of only 6th IB schools in Vietnam. Congratulations SNA!”
? Thank you for choosing SNA as your second home – where you have entrusted your youth and cultivated knowledge over the years. We wish you the very best on the journey ahead!

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