The Role of Parents In Online Learning

Apart from teachers, parents also play a vital role in children’s learning and character building, especially during this period of online learning. The decisive factor for a child’s success lies in the fact that parents encourage children to self-study at home and pay attention to their children’s learning.
As SNA has also shifted to Remote Access Learning this semester, we understand that some students might take a longer time to adjust to this transition. Therefore, Ms. Aundrea Farley – Head of Student Support Services at SNA – would like to give parents some tips to help their children with online learning:
✅ Remember that your role is so important right now
✅ Set up a learning environment at home to enhance learning
✅ Check in with your child daily (about academics, emotions, well-being)
✅ Maintain routines when the school day is over
✅ Have dedicated family time (hobbies, projects, fun!!)
✅ Invest in blue light glasses
✅ Communicate with the school when needed
Online learning is a whole new realm for most teachers, students, and even parents. So don’t be discouraged when things are slightly different from what you are used to! Push yourself and go beyond it!
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