? Seize the opportunity to show appreciation to someone close to you!
On the occasion of Valentine’s Day, the Student Council and The Seeds of Joy would like to introduce the Valentine’s Day Event. Through this activity, you can give your friends or teachers fresh flowers and sweet chocolate bars to express your appreciation and gratitude.
? Just by scanning the QR code or accessing the link below, you can immediately order a gift! In addition, we also have an anonymous delivery service for those who want to remain unknown when ordering gifts. Cupid Message Delivery is also a service not to be missed. For only 5,000 VND more, your gift will be delivered along with the tune of the song/rap/poem of your choice.
For more information, please contact The Seeds of Joy’s Facebook.
? Order here: https://forms.gle/aXEQbMDGivKpHoD2A
? For anonymous orders, please come directly to our booth next to Global Café
? Fb – The Seeds of Joy: https://www.facebook.com/The-Seeds-of-Joy-110094951420287/

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