? Thanks to enthusiastic supports and participations from distinguished partners, the inauguration ceremony of SNA Marianapolis International School – Bien Hoa Campus on March 17th was successful, marking a new beginning, a golden milestone in the school’s educational career on the inheritance of the educational quintessence of the US’s oldest and leading college preparatory school – Marianapolis Preparatory School.

? We would like to dedicate our appreciation to all the students, teachers, school staff, event organizers who worked together and contributed to making the inauguration ceremony a success.
? In addition, we would also like to express our gratitude to the delegates, our special guests, parents, and children who took the time to attend the event, as well as those who watched the Livestream at home. Your presence is a great honor for our school.

? Thank you to all the parents and students who have put your trust in the school over the year. With the aim of creating a desirable international educational community and delivering excellent generations of future leaders with heart-mind – physical abilities, the school will always strive to improve the program of studies and educational system as well as expect enthusiastic support from parents and students.
? May we have a bright new beginning with smooth sailing on the journey to the promised land, the land of wisdom.

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