Assembling Robotic Machines With SNA Grade-12 Students

Our STEM class today are full of active inquirers! The flexibility of design that LEGO EV3 Robotics has, allows for students to engage in STEM activities that align with their interests. They can build a robotic pet, racecar, planetary rover, robotic arm, or use the sensors to collect data for an investigation.

Some of the students have chosen to follow the directions of a previously designed plan. When they complete a build, they’ll have gained knowledge about troubleshooting, critical thinking, and coding syntax all while increasing their communication skills.

Other students have chosen to create their own designs. The first step for these students was to research and test what each sensor and motor could do. After they gained a little knowledge about the hardware and its capabilities, they planned and executed their own designs from scratch.

These risk-takers not only learned the coding syntax and troubleshooting skills that are so valuable in STEM fields, but they also demonstrated their abilities to organize their thoughts and ideas in a coherent manner that produced quality robots.

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