At SNA, we take our safeguarding and child protection policy seriously.
It is our responsibility to ensure that all our staff, parents, volunteers, activities, contractors in our school will not harm students and prevent the impairment of their health and development.
SNA adheres to these basic principles:
◼️Provide a safe and happy environment to enable students to thrive and learn.
◼️ Outline the systems and processes we all take to ensure that students remain safe at school.
◼️ Raise awareness to all staff of safeguarding/child protection issues and define their roles and responsibilities in reporting possible cases of abuse.
◼️ Identify students who are suffering, or likely to suffer harm.
◼️ Ensure effective communication between all staff on safeguarding/child protection issues.
◼️ Set effective procedures for staff/volunteers or third-party individuals who encounter any issues in relation to safeguarding/child protection to follow.
◼️ Be clear with all parties, including students and their parents, regarding our approach to safeguarding and child protection, through the provision of clear and well-communicated policies
? Click here to download and read more about our full safeguarding policy at SNA: https://localhost/html/child-protection-and-safeguarding/

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