MANAGEBAC – The Leading IB Learning Management System

✅ At SNA, our team of experienced teachers strives to emulate what happens at school online through many practical activities and a stimulating curriculum. Thereby helping to dispel the stereotype “learning online is not effective” as some people may think.
✅ Thanks to this world’s leading learning management system, online learning at SNA has now become easier and more convenient for students as well as parents to track their children’s progress. The platform comes with many modern features that meet all the rigorous requirements of the IB programme.
✅ ManageBac enables efficient curriculum planning, assessment, and reporting while eliminating paperwork and enhancing communication to parents and students.
✅ In addition, students use the portal to complete assignments, track their grades and attendance and save their work in their portfolio. Parents can see their child’s assignment tasks, grades, attendance, and reports.
✅ Managebac is also the leading learning platform serving over 3000 IB World Schools. Learn more about the platform here: https://localhost/html/en/managebac/
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