The International School of North America (SNA) has served as one of only six IB Continuum Schools in Vietnam for the past year after receiving official full IB authorization for all three IB programmes. The SNA Graduation Ceremony – class of 2023 this year is hence more solemn and special than in the past. 

We are thrilled to announce with pride, faith, and joy that the “SNA Graduation Ceremony – Class of 2023” will be held:

  • Welcoming: 08:30 am, Saturday, May 27th, 2023 
  • Venue: SNA Auditorium


With this ceremony, senior DP students begin the next stage of their lives, sharing one of their most priceless memories with their families, friends, teachers, and school personnel. 

The schedule of the event will include a graduation march, motivational remarks from the school board, notable guests, all parents, and students, a ceremony of gratitude for parents and teachers, musical performances by students, and finally, the graduation ceremony. 

Students will dress in graduation regalia that includes caps and gowns designed especially for the occasion. This will give them the chance to reflect on their time in school and express their heartfelt feelings for their parents, teachers, and friends. 

After the ceremony, parents and students will have opportunities to capture as many treasured memories as they can and congratulate the students on their outstanding academic achievements over the years.   

All SNA students have worked extremely hard to successfully complete their studies and gain several skills that will be useful in their future academic endeavors and long careers. We think they will benefit the communities they serve and be well-equipped to manage the upcoming difficulties. 

SNA is proud to congratulate the Class of 2023 for their outstanding achievements and wish them all the best in their future endeavors. Also, we cordially invite all families in SNA Communities, especially those of our learners, to join us in celebrating this momentous and enduring occasion.  

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