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?The library is considered the heart of the International Schools of North America (SNA) because it not only offers a great amount of knowledge but also is a paradise for teachers and students to look for whenever needed. Let’s take a look at our IB qualified school libraries:
– Nurturing a passion for reading for elementary students is one of our main goals. As the students open any pages of the book, they will step into an exciting new horizon with their ever-growing imagination.
– Practicing reading skills is a part of the Primary School curriculum (PYP).
– The Primary Library also regularly organizes a reading program with teachers and students with small reading groups.
– SNA High School Library boasts a spacious area of 192m2 and is the place to inspire teachers and students to work and study.
– In 2020, SNA has constantly improved and implemented new trends/technology in learning and research, typically our MYP and DP e-books as an example, which allows the students to have complete access to the necessary documents anytime and anywhere.
?As each book in our libraries represents a magical picture of life, why don’t you let your child lead a full and positive life by joining the SNA family!

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