SNA Student Receives A Full Scholarship From RMIT University

We would like to share the fantastic news that student Lea Tran Vu Lan Anh, who just graduated SNA high school in June, has received a FULL SCHOLARSHIP from RMIT University for the undergraduate program Bachelor of Digital Marketing.
?The Vice-Chancellor’s Scholar scholarships of RMIT are awarded on merit, and take into account past academic performance, passion for success, creativity, engagement with community involvement and future leadership potential. Being a Vice-Chancellor’s Scholar entitles Lan Anh to a full scholarship for her undergraduate program and the opportunity to join other leadership programs of this reputable university.
? As the second home of Lan Anh for 5 years during middle school and high school, we are more than proud to share her great achievement with the entire SNA community. She is a shining example for her relentless efforts and independence during the time living away from home. Needless to say, SNA students are always equipped with the necessary skills and knowledge to conquer the world and become future leaders.
? We will always watch your back and be ready to support whenever our students need. Once again, congratulations to Lan Anh. We wish you great success in your next chapter in life!
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