“Children are like buds on the tree”, if they are provided with a living environment that meets all requirements with unconditional love and care, those young shoots will grow taller, stronger, and wiser.
However, the guidance in the development of children also depends greatly on the understanding and decisions of parents. Should parents always protect their children or let them be free to do whatever they want?
In order to assist parents in answering that question, the SNA System would like to invite parents and students to attend the Tour The School workshop season 2, titled “Let Your Children Grow”.
?TIME: 8:30 am | Sunday, May 15, 2022
?LOCATION: SNA South Saigon Campus – Street No.20, Binh Hung, Binh Chanh, HCMC.
✅Listen to the sharing of Dr. To Nhi A – a well known and reputable educational speaker – about the topic “Let Your Children Thrive Beyond School”
✅ Get an overview of the prestigious IB programme with the Acting Head of School of SNA South Saigon Campus
✅ Enhance your child’s physical and intellectual development through activities in Painting, Baking, Science, Technology, Modern Dance, Environmental Protection, and more!
✅ Receive exclusive and extremely attractive gifts at the event including a pair of Airpod earphones, Instax camera, SNA backpacks, etc
✅In-depth consultancy on learning curriculums, students’ achievements, as well as information on scholarship policy for the new academic year 2022-2023.
To attend and register for the event, please fill in the form below or contact the admission office of the SNA System:
?Registration link: https://bit.ly/SNA_Tour_The_School_May2022 or Hotline 0964 466 014
Book your spot now to gain more useful knowledge and the opportunity to receive a tuition discount from the SNA System!
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