The transmitted SNA fire never goes out!!!

The years of being a student have left so many memories in each of us; somewhere, there are even the first vibrations of life that many of you have not yet had time to say and then sadly put away in a drawer of memories as an unforgettable memory. With the desire to organize a place for dear SNA members to bond more, as well as help the next generations of SNA become more and more successful. The school decided to establish the SNA Alumni Association.

From the first few months when the SNA school was established, it quickly carried on the mission of giving wings to the dreams of success of each dear SNA member. Over a long journey, many generations of students have left the school roof to freely wave and spread their wings toward new horizons.

The SNA Alumni Association will not be a label, but it will be a place to incubate more aspirational, bolder dreams, where each generation of graduates has cohesion and spread. SNA is always your home to return. We love hearing from you and where you are up to after your journey at SNA. Together we achieve more, welcome to SNA Alumni! To connect, to share, and to receive! Inspiration as well as the eternal source of energy. The Flame of SNA!

For enquiries related to SNA Alumni, please reach out to;

Tran Vo Thao Vy Jennifer

Class of 2022

Amy Le Nguyen Nha My

Class of 2020

Thanh Truc (Jessica) and her brother Gia Phuc (Joe)

Students of SNA from 2011 to 2013

Bill Phan Duc Minh

Class of 2022

Huynh Anh Khanh Vy

Class of 2022

Na Jiseong Smith

Class of 2022

Phan Ha Kim Ngan

Class of 2022

Kuh Hara

Class of 2016

Trung Hau Nguyen

Jason Class of 2017

Thao Nguyen

Class of 2016