Dr. Robert Mullins

Head Of School

Dear Families,

Greetings and hello from myself and the entire staff at International Schools of North America South Saigon Campus.

As head of school for SNA it brings me great pleasure to welcome all families to International Schools of North America.

I encourage all families to become active members of our school community. With your support, our staff and students can all succeed. Together with you, our families, we will continue strengthening relationships among students, families, teachers, and our entire learning community.

As a school leader, I am committed and passionate in helping all learners develop their intellectual capacity, academic skills, and social competence so they are fully prepared for an unpredictable future and can effectively negotiate the demands associated with living in an ever-changing 21st century developing into global citizens who still value and are proud of their individual identities.

Although I believe in having high expectations, it is equally important to ensure the learning environment is safe and nurtures every student fostering respect for individual differences. SNA is a school that does indeed strive to make the learning process a positive and rewarding experience while maintaining a desire to develop a generation of inquisitive global citizens who will become lifelong learners in their various pursuits of excellence.

We would be delighted to host a visit to our campus so you can see for yourself how much we can offer to your family. 
Many kind regards,

Robert G. Mullins

Head of School

International Schools of North America (SNA) South Saigon Campus

Ms. Liliana Gomez (M.A.)

Deputy Head Of School

I am very happy to come to Vietnam to join a group of professionals of such high level because I am sure that our teamwork will make us grow as individuals and develop as an institution.

With the guidelines of Mr. Rob Mullins, our new Head of School, I wish to drive and meet the academic and administrative objectives set for our school in the coming years. My priorities will be the academy and integrity of the students, and my efforts will be centered on keeping ourselves focused on the formation of upstanding student-citizens with the necessary skills to be successful in a globalized world full of increasingly complex and demanding challenges.

I have had the fortune to work in Colombia, my homeland, India, Germany and Malta, and this experience allows me to bring to Vietnam a vision that includes a joint view of different continents but with Latin-American joy.

I like to facilitate workspaces with clear and ambitious goals so that they be a source of pride and satisfaction in the community. When a solid gear is achieved, with coherent needs and expectations and collective effort, group satisfaction occurs automatically and this feeling is transmitted to the students and parents, who are the reason for our efforts. I also believe that the classroom should be an environment that inspires the discovery of one’s abilities, skills, and the different and fascinating areas of knowledge. In addition, students must have the possibility to create, play, make mistakes, repeat, and fall in love with some or all the experiences lived in their school. The journey of knowledge of the different areas of knowledge should allow students to recognize the importance of the existence of other individuals and inspire them on the ways in which that knowledge should be at the service of others and the planet in which we live.

I can’t wait to meet you all in person.

Mr. Daniel Mannering (M.A.)

PYP Coordinator

I am deeply honored to be afforded this opportunity to help develop and grow our Primary Years Programme into a powerhouse of inquiry, learning and excitement.

Over the last eight years education has become part of who I am, as I taught in private, international and IB schools in China. I believe in putting our learners at heart of our community by giving them voice, choice and ownership over their learning. I aim to dispel the idea that inquiry-based learning is a chaotic free for all and demonstrate the benefits of structured inquiry that places 21st century skills, international mindedness and IB elements proactively and purposefully at the forefront.

Alongside this, I am passionate about building engagement across the SNA family, including our learners, parents and teachers, bridging the gaps and ensuring we all are actively involved in our collective learning journeys that culminate in the PYP at the PYP Exhibition.

I look forward to working in collaboration with our PYP teachers, learners and parents in building upon our foundations and creating a positive and engaging environment that will house our family of life-long learners, and that will prepare our PYP learners not just for their next big leap into MYP, but for a life full of endless opportunity and promise.

Ms. Archana Singh

MYP Coordinator

10 years of leadership roles as Head of the Department and Personal Project Coordinator along with being in the role of an IB examiner in UAE, Bahrain and India.

Archana comes with a total of 16 years of pedagogical and leadership experience in different roles in the Kingdom of Bahrain, UAE, and India. She has been actively involved in empowering the team with the necessary skills to be lifelong learners and equipped for the successful implementation of the MYP curriculum. Being an Individuals and Societies facilitator, she strongly believes in international-mindedness taking action through discussion and collaboration to help build a better and more peaceful environment.

Prior to taking up the challenging role of being MYP Coordinator in the middle of the year, Archana has worked with SNA as a Personal Project Coordinator since 2020. The personal project is an integral part of the MYP certificate and plays a significant role in the continuum of the curriculum. The role was to ensure that supervisors and students at SNA meet the project’s requirements. A committed educationist who believes that with empathy every individual can pursue lives of purpose and meaning.

Mr. Sergio Chiri

DP Coordinator

Sergio’s educational and administrative experience include roles as Head of Department, Head of Faculty, Head of Senior School and IB Diploma Programme Coordinator at schools in Peru, Colombia, mainland China, Hong Kong, UAE, Germany, and India.

Having worked for IB World Schools in the past 22 years, his affiliation with the International Baccalaureate Organization has led him to take on several roles such as examiner, internal assessment moderator, workshop leader, visit team member and consultant. He is very eager to fulfill his educational mission which is to nurture young minds and to learn from them.

Sergio is a keen traveler and a philately enthusiast who also enjoys music and reading.