To make the Halloween festival more engaging for parents and their children, the International Schools of North America (SNA) Saigon South Campus is organizing “The Haunted Photo with SNA” contest as part of “The Haunted Circus” event. Parents can unleash their creativity and shine alongside their children in their favorite costumes. 

1. Steps to participate in the contest: 

  • Step 1: Parents and students are free to dress up as their favorite characters. 
  • Step 2: After completing the dressing up, parents and students can pose together and capture interesting photos. 
  • Step 3: Parents should fill in the registration information and upload the photos using the following link: https://forms.gle/DMnw67ScVNFf3X3B6  

2. Participants:

Students and parents within the North American International School (SNA) system. 

3. Prizes:

The Board of School will select impressive photos for awarding prizes. There will be 3 prizes, including 1 Helmet + 1 SNA Water Bottle. 

4. Duration:

From October 18th, 2023, until October 27th, 2023. 

5. Notes: 

  • Parents’ participation in the program implies their consent for the International Schools of North America (SNA) to use parents and their children’s images for school communication activities, without limitations on channels or duration of use. 
  • The contest aims to foster a loving connection between parents and children. If there are any concerns, please provide feedback to us. The decision of the board of the school will be final. 

  Exciting prizes await the whimsical transformations of the little ones and the participation of parents in “The Haunted Photo with SNA” contest! 

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