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Student Support Services

College and Career Counselling

Our experienced college counselor helps with career guidance and college applications. The college counselor meets regularly with our middle and high school students and provides invaluable advice on which subjects to choose at SNA and also helps students develop their applications so that they have maximized their potential to get to their desired college or university. Regular visits from international and Vietnamese universities are organized and we also have various guest speakers invited to give talks to our students. Also, we hold regular job fairs so that students are exposed to various industries and fields so that they make fully informed decisions about their career pathway. For more details, see our Counselling Section.

Learning Support Services

SNA provides learning support to all areas of the school. Qualified staff members consult with teachers, parents, and other school personnel in order to maximize student achievement. Students will be provided with opportunities to learn at different paces, have differentiated learning material, and may also be provided with alternative assessment techniques, where possible and appropriate.

Our aim at SNA is that students should be able to function successfully within the regular classroom program while receiving minimal assistance from our Learning Support Services personnel and within the parameters of the support SNA is able to provide.

Student Welfare Counsellor

Being a child in the 21st century can be a daunting and stressful experience. However, the emotional well-being of our students is of utmost importance to SNA. Therefore, starting in August 2019, we shall be providing in-school support via our Student Welfare Counselor. The role of this person is to provide advice and guidance on a variety of individual student needs and concerns. Students will be able to either drop-in or make an appointment to discuss their concerns in a safe and confidential environment.