A Day Following SNA Little Artisans To Spin & Gogh Pottery

On 13th November, in the framework of the lesson “Express ourselves” – 3rd grade students of Ms. Harvinjitt Singh had the opportunity to visit Spin & Gogh studio in District 7 to show their talents in making ceramic candle holder and decorating handicrafts.

Upon arriving, the students were divided into 2 groups and started molding the candle holder in place. Next, the students used the available decorative frames in various beautiful shapes to create an eye-catching motif for the candle holder and paint the exterior with the colors of their choices.

This was the most important step of the whole lesson because in this part, students were free to express their creativities and brought their artworks to life. Each finishing product portrayed a different vitality and character of each student, which is also in line with the overall message of the lesson.

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