This science fair brings an extremely impressive name ” STEAM Research Conference & Competition”, for students from grade 6th to12th. Their passionate research projects will be proudly showed and presented. Especially, attractive prizes will be awarded to outstanding projects.

A grade 6th student shared “I want to be a scientist but I’m not sure if I can do it. I think the science fair will be a good opportunity for me to understand my own abilities and experience the realm of research and understand ranged math, biology, psychology, earth-science, etc. I will also understand the connection of things around and cherish it more. In addition, I will understand how important differences between people are for my own development”.

Surely all the teams had worked really hard to prepare for the competition. Let’s have a look at some unveiling photos of the preparation.

The judges of the competition can’t wait any longer! How about you? Come to SNA Science Fair tomorrow to bathe yourself in an exciting atmosphere filled with science!

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