Besides, some activities motivated students’ spirit to achieve many successful results throughout the year in SNA day, we also successfully organized a non-uniform day to raise funds for disadvantaged children. Students and staff of the school positively join this meaningful activity to join hands for the community, build a spirit of sharing. Monday morning, September 9, 2019, SNA spent a portion of that funds to donate for Saigon Children’s Charity. Mr. Mike Miller – Vice Principal of International Schools of North America SNA and Lea Tran Vu Lan Anh from grade 11A2 are two representatives of all SNA’s staff and students. They represented to give 15 million VND to the representative of Saigon Children’s Charitable Foundation charity.
In the future, SNA will also carry out many meaningful activities for the community in addition to teaching activities. Hopefully, this small act will contribute to light up the faith for those disadvantaged children.

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