Greeting From The SNA SaiGon South Alumni Association

Dear fellow alumni, 

First of all, thank you for being a student at SNA. It was great having you studying at our campus, and we hope you also felt the same. 

From the first few months when SNA was established, it quickly carried on the mission of giving wings to the dreams of success of each dear member. Therefore, in order to maintain this life-long mission, we are pleased to welcome you to this site, home to our vibrant and supportive community. 

The SNA Alumni Association will not be a label, but it will be a place to incubate more aspirational, bolder dreams, where each generation of graduates has cohesion and spread. We want to reach out and connect with you, whether you are in Vietnam or any other parts of the world. Please continue to visit us on the website and Facebook group for information on future Alumni events and activities. 


SNA Saigon South Alumni Association 

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