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Key Contact

NO. Issue or Topic Person Responsible Method of Contact
1 Admissions
Admissions, fees, curriculum, requesting of official documents, Marketing
Ms. Nguyen Duong Que Tien (Emily) – Head of Admissions & Marketing Interested parents may contact the school via tienndq@sna.edu.vn

or call hotline 0964 466 014

2 Classroom issues such as;
academic progress of your child/children, class routines, schedules, homework
Homeroom teachers and subject teachers Please follow this link to our website, teachers page, where you can find the email addresses of all our teachers.
3 Whole school issues, policy implementation Mr. Peter McLeod  – Head of School Executive assistant


4 Academics, Child Safeguarding and protection Mr. Mike Miller  – Deputy Head of School Executive assistant


5 Primary Years Programme issues and enquiries (Grades 1-5) Ms. Harvinjitt Kaur – PYP Coordinator Programme coordinator assistant


6 Middle Years Programme issues and enquiries (Grades 6-10) Mr. Patric Elder – MYP Coordinator Programme coordinator assistant


7 Diploma Programme issues and enquiries
(Grade 11-12)
Ms. Lauralynn Stefureak – DP Coordinator Programme coordinator assistant


8 Academic Support Services Ms. Le Thi Thuy (Denise) – Head of Academic Services Department thuylt@sna.edu.vn
9 Student Support Services;
Special Education Needs;
Language Support
Ms. Aundrea Farley aundreaf@sna.edu.vn
10 Student Wellbeing Ms. Erica Arce ericaa@sna.edu.vn
11 College Counselling and Reference Letters Ms. Huynh Truong My Linh Students and parents may apply directly via this link Reference letter

or email linhhtm@sna.edu.vn

12 Transcripts and Report Cards Ms. Tran Thi Phuong Thao (Sage) thaottp@sna.edu.vn
13 Administration and Services Ms. Huynh Thi Thu Thao – Manager of Administration and Services thaohtt@sna.edu.vn
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