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Meet Our Teachers At SNA – Ms. Lauralynn Stefureak

At SNA, teachers are recruited from all corners of the globe, with a diversity of cultures and nationalities. We also believe that in order to equip students with important skills, good life values​, and a solid foundation of knowledge, teachers play a leading and pivotal role in the learning process.
✏️ Meet one of our School Leadership Members – Ms. Lauralynn Stefureak, DP Coordinator at SNA.
? Lauralynn brings more than 20 years of teaching and leadership experience in international schools in Canada, Sweden, Qatar, China, the United Arab Emirates, and now Vietnam to her role as DP Coordinator at SNA.
? A lifelong learner and IB educator, Lauralynn has a background in English and the Humanities. She is an experienced IB examiner for the Diploma programme, is a certified IB teacher-librarian, and has an interest in fostering Language and Visual Arts-based experiences in her students through the creation of digital media communications.
? Lauralynn has served with the Swedish NGO SIDA in China, giving her first-hand experience in the importance of service-learning in the IB. A passionate photographer, her goal is to bring community service and photography together in Vietnam.
? If you wish to learn more about our program and teachers, please contact the SNA Admission team via hotline: 0964 466 014 or message us at http://m.me/snavietnam

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