Students of 9th grade, the International Schools of North America (SNA) for the first time have access to a complete innovative way of studying in computer application class, which brings happy time to learn and experience.
Not only teaching theory in class, Mr. Patric Eder has made learning closer than ever by organizing fun practice sessions with many familiar topics in daily life. In this month, it is a very interesting topic called “banh mi” – a delicious dish of Vietnamese people.

The 9th grade students of SNA excitedly participate in making 5 kinds of delicious “banh mi”

Joining the class, they would use electronic spreadsheets to solve key issues, such as: planning; budget spending management; revenue management; class funds; etc. This is an opportunity to stimulate students’ ability to think independently, improve skills of financial control reasonably. At the same time, the practice session also brings many practical experiences, creating a solid knowledge base that can be applied in real life situations.
Along with Mr. Patric and the 9th grade students in the project, there is also the enthusiastic support from the Global Café team. With a long experience in serving and providing high-quality meals for international schools, Global Café experts have instructed them to approach good suppliers with reasonable deals, as well as international standard workflow to manage the supply units in the most professional way.

Students looked up recipes and design their own “banh mi” before practicing

In particular, the practice of making 5 types of bread brings bustling laughter and many new experiences, giving the whole school students the opportunity to admire the fascinating performances from experts, as well as playing the role of a chef to create truly nutritious and eye-catching products. Through culinary manipulations, such as: frying eggs; tearing chicken meat into pieces; making pate; measuring the proportion of food suitable for a serving; etc. They also learned more interesting soft skills, creating a foundation for independent life in the future.
“I hope this method will help students eliminate their stereotypes about school hours. Each subject has many interesting things waiting for them to discover, the task of the teacher is to give them the motivation and inspiration on the journey to conquest knowledge.” – shared by Mr. Patric Eder.

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