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Nguyen Hoang Group organizes Music Program “Mother is Love”

To remind people, especially the young ones, of the filial piety for the Mother, Nguyen Hoang Group (NHG) is going to organize a music program titled “Mother is Love”, with the theme being “Thank the roses”, on July 10, 2021.

The Mother is the greatest gift that each of us receives when entering life, just from birth. However, in the hustle and bustle of life, there are times when we may forget, or hesitate to express our love for the Mother. The music program “Mother is love” is a continuation of art programs by NHG with humanistic meanings, aimed at educating young people about motherhood and family love.

Music program “Mother is Love” is set for July 10, 2021 as a virtual show.

Contributions from hearts full of love

Because of the Covid-19 epidemic, organizing this music program requires huge efforts from NHG. However, with the desire to bring positive things to the community, upholding the HUMANITY value that NHG always pursues, “Mother is love” will still take place as scheduled, and as a virtual program. More specifically, proceeds from the program will be devoted to supporting and taking care of heroic Vietnamese mothers, lonely mothers in difficulties in many provinces and cities across Vietnam. 

The program will feature performances by famous singers such as Dam Vinh Hung, My Linh, Lan Nha, Dong Nhi, Thanh Thao… and students in the Nguyen Hoang education system as well as their parents. Thanks to director Tran Vi My’s talent, moving stories about motherhood will be featured in a manner that will deeply touch the audience.

Education of love for the young generation

The topic about the Mother never gets old as people always love her and the love will last forever. “Mother is Love” is not simply an entertainment program, but an opportunity for us to highlight the sacrifices and hardships that she has to take and go through, for us to appreciate the moments with the Mother.

Pupils and students can join contest “What I haven’t said to Mom” to express their love for the Mother.

NHG’s CEO Hoang Nguyen Thu Thao shares: “The filial piety in the whole life for parents is the first and foremost requirement of every child. Education of gratitude is the foundation of Humanistic Education, it requires long-term, persistent, and creative efforts. The program “Mother is Love” will be “lessons” to educate students about the filial piety for the Mother’s endless merits.

As part of the program, NHG also organizes many activities for teachers and pupils, lecturers, and students to express their love for the Mother through such activities as donating one-day pay, building a real rose garden at the school, sending messages of love to the Mother through virtual rose gardens, joining video contest “What you haven’t said to Mom”… This is an opportunity for pupils and students to practice their own lessons of love, expressing their love, sharing and gratitude to their parents.

"What you haven't said to Mom" contest.
“What you haven’t said to Mom” contest.

The program “Mother is love” will be broadcast on TV channel HTV1 – Ho Chi Minh City and other provincial TV stations, Youtube channels, fanpages under the NHG roof.

At 8 pm on July 10, please sit down with Mom and the family to enjoy great songs, listen to touching stories about the Mother. It will help ones see that they are very lucky to have the Mother with them, and to remind myself: “Every day is the Mother’s day”.


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