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Parent-Teacher Online Conferences in April 2020

Dear Parents,

Your children, our students, have not been able to attend SNA due to the recent outbreak of covid-19 Corona virus, although we are sure that you are aware that teaching and learning has been maintained during this time. Our teachers have continued to supply a diverse range of tasks, projects and work via distance learning that has, under the circumstances, replicated the type and style of classwork that they would have achieved had they been attending ‘regular’ classes at the SNA campus.

In the interests of maintaining normality, we intend to go ahead with our Parent-Teacher conferences. However, these will be held online, using Microsoft Teams as an online platform. Microsoft Teams is similar to Skype and your child should be familiar with it already. Kindergarten parents will continue to use Zoom.

The conferences will take place on the following two dates:

Wednesday 15th April between 08.00am to 4.30pm
Thursday 16th April between 12.00pm and 7.00pm

Later in the week, you will receive a link to make a 15-minute appointment with your child/children’s teacher(s). As you would normally do, please make an appointment time with the teacher(s). When making the appointment, please make sure that you supply your child’s school email address in the appropriate cell/field when asked.

As an example, this takes the form of annadcanh@student.sna.edu.vn.

Important: please be sure to select a different time for each teacher that you book an appointment with, being careful to not “double-book”.

On the day and time of the conference, the teacher will contact you, using your child’s email address via Microsoft Teams. To make the conference as productive as possible between parent, student and teacher in terms of the learning process, and to also facilitate the translation, it is important that your child is in attendance during the conference. We always endeavour to be on time and maintain the schedule, but please be aware that some conferences may inevitably run over the 15-minute allocated time. We therefore ask that you wait until the teacher contacts you, as they will still be conducting a conference with another parent.

Between now and the date of the conferences, we ask that you familiarize yourself with Microsoft Teams. To do this, please ask your child to log-in to Microsoft Teams using their school email address.

Should you have any questions before the conferences about using Microsoft Team, please contact our IT support department, Mr Phong at phongtq@sna.edu.vn

Yours faithfully,

Simon Lee
Head of School

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