❤️ March 8th is one of the occasions for the whole world to honor and send love and respect to the women. From female figures like Rosa Parks – who sparked civil rights movements, or Mother Teresa – a nun with a kind heart who is always willing to help the poor and the vulnerable people, to Vietnam’s well-known historical figures such as Hai Bà Trưng, Võ Thị Sáu, have helped to create a modern and peaceful society as it is today.
❤️ Not to mention, grandmothers, mothers, and sisters are also role models who we look up to. Therefore, on this occasion, the Student Council would like to introduce an activity to celebrate and show appreciation on Women’s Day. It’s an Online Poster Contest! For more information, check out the details and regulations of the contest down below!
Participants: PYP, MYP, and DP students.
Topics of poster: famous women figures and their achievements, history of women’s day, or an important woman in your life…
Submission Deadlines:
* Digital: 4:30PM – March 7
* Physical: 11:00AM – March 8
* The poster can be physical or digital
* Content should be appropriate for a school environment
* Each participant will submit at least 1 artwork and a short description of the product (3-4 sentences)
* How to submit: For digital posters, scan our QR code to upload it. For physical posters, take clear photos of the products from different angles, then upload it via the QR code.
* The artwork of the winners for each program level (PYP, MYP, DP) will be posted on SNA’s social media.
* The better the picture’s quality, the higher score you will get!
Result Announcement Date: March 9
* Please include your preferred name, class, and email in the description of the product
* You can drop by room A403 to submit your work
* Make sure the description matches the poster
* There will be an online submission folder if we still learn from home.
❤️ Through this activity, together, let’s create a meaningful day full of happiness for the women who have always been by our side!

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