Last week, SNA PYP and MYP team had a two – day workshop under the experienced PYP and MYP instructors for all teaching staff. It was a great chance to reflect, share ideas and explore new possibilities in a transdisciplinary context which will certainly be beneficial for our students.

Under the instruction of Mrs. Karen Chaur, a very experienced PYP workshop leader from Melbourne, all teachers explored new strategies and opportunities to develop language. This will bring a deeper and broader understanding for our student which is not just a language class.

MYP workshop led by Mr. Peter Muir and Ms. Vera White which our teachers were exposed to individual and group tasks, presented information, asked questions and were given the opportunity to reflect on their learning. These are some of the many strategies and tools used to assess IB learners, which extends far beyond traditional quizzes and tests. Based on that our teachers can apply to develop units that are concept-based and how to create authentic assessments for their students by setting a real-world context, leading to memorable learning experiences.

SNA understands that professional development is crucial for our teachers to bring innovative ideas to our child education. This also means that teachers must be lifelong learners to inspire students. Hence, our team always innovate and ensure to continually develop their practice to offer the best for students. This is crucial preparation for a new school year 2019 -2020.

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