? The first event of the SNA SCHOOL TOUR program officially kicked off on Friday morning, March 18, 2022 – in order to introduce parents to an international learning environment, the prestigious IB programme, as well as providing hands-on experiences to the attendants right at the SNA South Saigon Campus.

?‍? During the School Tour, parents had the opportunity to meet and discuss directly with Mr. Mike Miller – Acting Head of School about SNA, its teaching goals, and curriculum overview. On the other hand, the students got to study in a real IB classroom and interact with native teachers and other current SNA students.
? The final highlight of the School Tour was the visit to different functional classrooms in the school, combined with having lunch at SNA Cafeteria which offers 3 diverse food stalls. Through this activity, we believe that parents had a great time immersing themselves in the SNA learning environment and observing all the activities that happen in real-time.
? For parents who are interested in the SNA School Tour program “Discover International Learning Environment”, please contact us via Inbox or hotline 0964 466 014.

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