The graduation ceremony for the grade12 students at SNA took place on May 29, which was an event that marks their maturity.

One of the highlights of the graduation ceremony was the proud parade of grade12 students in unending applause of the entire auditorium.

More specifically, it was the etiquette full of humanity and meaning when the grade 23 students passed the key to symbolize the key to open the door of knowledge for junior students, with the hope that they will inherit and promote the tradition of dedicated learning and moral reinforcement as the previous student generation.

The most touching point was the showing of the clip from the childhood of students who were still in SNA from very young age to 18 years old, which made the atmosphere really burst in emotion. Many students were unable to suppress their emotions and burst into tears in happiness because they were about to be away from SNA.

This was a proud moment not only for SNA students but also for their parents because parents had the opportunity to witness their child’s growth as well as to see them shine in their graduation clothes, sharing memorable moments in the end of the school year!

The graduation ceremony of 2018-2019 ended with many solemn and profound moments. Hopefully, these memories will be engraved in the minds of the students about the meaningful and memorable time at SNA, and become a valuable equipment for students to enter future journey with new challenges and new opportunities.

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