To ensure a sustainable and seamless learning path not only for one student but also for their siblings in the family, the International School of North America (SNA) would like to send parents the following offers:

✅ 10% – 15% discount when enrolling the 2nd or 3rd child to the SNA System
✅ 30% discount on transportation fee for the 2nd child onwards
✅ 10% discount when paying full tuition fees for the whole academic year
✅ 20% – 50% discount when paying 2-5 years of tuition fee at SNA
Here at SNA, we offer a high-quality IB programme in a fully international environment and always put students as the main focus of all teaching activities. SNA is also an authorized school for the IB DP and IB MYP, as well as a candidate school for the IB PYP.
? SNA aims to teach children the ability to self-learn through an inquiry-based learning method by having students ask questions, research, and practice under the guidance of teachers. By continuously improving language skills, it will help students to build up the sense of responsibility and essential characteristics of a global citizen.
? Due to limited offers available, parents should quickly register for our school tour program and enroll your children today!

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