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[Spooky Contest] Goosebump Facts And Solutions For High School Students

? SNA-ers, it’s a spooky season – Time for us to join the most exciting competition of October!
? In celebration of the Halloween season, SNA international schools is organizing a Spooky Contest with the title “GooseBump Facts and Solutions” – an English-speaking contest for SNA high school students to share and discuss the burning issues that are of concern to young people today.
?In addition, this is an opportunity for students to improve their English, as well as practicing their presentation and problem-solving skills.
This contest will give our students a fun and useful playground, where they have the opportunity to frankly express their point of view on current issues around the world.
Let’s find out about the “Spooky Contest” below:
✅ PARTICIPANTS: Students of Grade 6 to 12 at SNA
Students choose 1 topic and provide a practical solution in the form of a short video (no more than 3 minutes). Students choose one of the following three topics:
+ How has social media changed our lives? How to become a smart user when using social networks?
+ Tell us about a notable environmental problem and offer solutions to overcome the harmful effects of that problem?
+ What is your opinion about online learning recently? From your experience, please suggest solutions to improve the effectiveness of online learning.
✅ Candidates submit their entries with title format: “GOOSEBUMP _Student_Grade_Submission Name” and send it to the email address: marketing@sna.edu.vn.
Within 24 hours after receiving the videos, the organizer will upload them to the school’s official youtube channels.
? Youtube SNA Nam Sai Gon Campus
? Youtube SNA Marianapolis:
Application submission period: October 11 – October 30, 2021
Result announcement time: November 5, 2021
✅ VIDEO FORMAT: horizontal
Resolution: 720p – 1080p
Length: Max 3 minutes
*Avoid using any copyright music/footage
10 top videos will be chosen based on these criteria:
+ Influence/Interaction (Highest views, likes, shares)
+ Captivating storytelling
+ Good illustration
+ Meaning of the story
+ Costume
+ Music
+ Unique/creative aspect (Utilizing music instruments, video effects, etc.)
+ 1st prize: 02 super trendy Polaroid cameras + Medals
+ 2nd prize: 02 modern Sony headphones + Medal
+ 3rd Prize: 03 Anker portable chargers + Certificate of Merit
+ Consolation prizes: 05 SNA school kits + Certificate of Merit
Well well well… which contestant will tell the best story??? Come on, students, quickly record and start the contest to receive interesting gifts from the organizers of the program! Let’s go!
??Follow SNA at:
• Website: https://localhost/html/
• Fanpages: https://www.facebook.com/snavietnam
• Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/snaibnamsaigon/
• Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/SchoolsNorthAmerica

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