The fashion collection has an extremely impressive name “Trendy Trash”. With creativity and skillful hands, SNA’s students from 9th to12th have turned old garbage such as plastic bottles, newspapers, straws and old CDs into impressive fashion collections to propagate about environmental protection according to 3R elements (Reduce – Reuse – Recycle).

The students have thoroughly collected garbage from school, home and companies to make these unique costumes within 1 week. After three hard-working weeks, on last Monday, SNA students were really impressed with the extraordinary fashion collection and its message: “Fast Fashion is adversely affecting the environment”.

By organizing this project, SNA expects students to focus on activities that are becoming a popular trend of environmentally conscious citizens: such as exchanging clothes, investing in high-quality clothes, buying vintage items. This is not only the propaganda of environmental protection but also an opportunity for SNA students to demonstrate their design talents, promote creativity, project management capabilities, and confidence in presentations.

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