As the school year nears an end, the excitement is building! Some students have already made plans for their summer, but some probably haven’t. So let us help you destress, and decide what to do instead.
This summer, are you planning to:
– Learn new things?
– Make new friends?
– Go camping?
– Be active?
Look no further, because the SNA Eagle Camp will provide you with a summer program filled with fun and diverse activities, that also meets all of the above requirements.
With a vibrant learning program combined with weekly field trips, Eagle Camp promises to be a place where you can release the energy accumulated during the past year, channelizing it to gain new knowledge and bond with friends.
Coming to SNA Eagle Camp, students from 6-16 years old will learn the following topics:
☀️ ??????? ?????????????: Enhance creative & critical thinking and communication skills
☀️ ???????? ????????: Balance different aspects of life intellectual, physical, and emotional
☀️ ?????????? ?????????: Develop natural curiosity, engage in project-based learning
☀️ ???????? ????????: Nurture your creative soul through art, music, and dance
☀️ ????????????? ??????: Explore how the world works and solve significance issues
☀️ ?????????? ???? ??????: Identify strengths and weaknesses to support your personal development
?? ????????, ????? ??? ? ??????? ?? ???????? ??-?????????? ?????????? ??? ???????? ?? ?????? ???? ??? ?????? ????? ????? ??? ???? ????? ?????.
? Starting date: 27 June 2022
? Registration link: https://bit.ly/SNA_Summer_2022
Quickly register to participate in SNA Eagle Camp today so you can enjoy a holistic experience this summer!

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