Covid-19 Update: SNA Will Remain Closed until 5th April 2020

Dear Parents & Guardians,

One more time, we would like to announce that our school will remain closed until 5th April due to the complications arising from the Covid-19 outbreak with confirmation from the government. As soon as we are able to invite students back to school there will be some extension to the school day during the week and possible Saturday morning sessions, depending on how much still needs to be covered. If we are unable to re-open indefinitely, we remain confident that the students will be prepared to end the academic year having covered all that is required thanks to the online provision, although their experience would be enriched so much more by the face-to-face contact; we appreciate this and hope you understand the dilemma for everyone, and that the teachers are doing everything they can at this very difficult time.
From next week, teachers will be taking attendance during their online lessons. The current attendance and engagement is generally very good but there are still students who are not logging on or responding to teachers’ instructions and tasks. Please help us by reminding your child that we are not on a semester break and that lessons are continuing, and their 100% attendance is expected.
Many thanks for your continued support.

SNA hopes to see you soon.

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