This is a wonderful week attracted Kindergarten to 12th grade students to have a deeper understanding of cultures, countries and languages all around the world. The week took place with lots of different and meaningful activities

Let’s look back our great week!

• Class Door Display Competition aims to promote International mindedness and increase awareness through creative designs. Homeroom teachers and their students worked together to come-up with a design that represents traditional values, peace, culture or symbols…. SNA also congratulates 1A1, 5A1, 8A2 and grade 12 as the winners


• Write a letter to “SAVE AMAZON”: As you may know, the Amazon forest underwent a fierce fire ever seen as one of the disasters of the 21st century with many terrifying consequences. Students will share their views, sentiments and thoughts about saving the amazon rainforest. This is a good way to increase awareness of environmental conservation in school community


• Photo Gallery: SNA appreciates the exchange of cultural values. Every picture has a story to tell. This is also a way to convey and introduce a scenic spot, a beautiful landscape or a country that our students, teachers and staff have had a chance to visit.
• Paper Cranes Project in Collaboration with Mr. Henry: This is an activity to promote peace based on the events of Hiroshima – the first city in the world targeted by a nuclear weapon. This year, our middle schools would reenact one of the important scenes of the book “Sadako and Thousand Paper Cranes” by Eleanor Coerr.


• Sumptuous Food Exhibit: Food plays an important role in our daily life. Thus, to better understand the culture and the life of a country, we can learn through its cuisine. Each class prepares 1, 2 or 3 dishes from the country such as Australia, Canada, Mexico, Japan, South Korea, Thailand, England, Vietnam, Philippines, Spain, Malaysia, Italy and India. Classes will decorate the table for culinary exhibitions based on the country presented and briefly present that country’s cuisine. They also wear traditional costumes of representative countries.


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